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 Illustrator and Miniature Book Artist, Kyoko Ninomiya was born in Japan in 1969 but spent her childhood in Vancover and
 Toronto, Canada, because of her father's business. After spending wonderful years in Canada, she went back to Japan,
 facing the difficulty of learning Japanese and adapting to the culture of her own country.


 She went to a Catholic High School in Japan where they taught French at that time. They had a study abroad program for
 two students each year and she was lucky to be able to go to France in 1986. She stayed in a Monastery in Cambrai, France,
 learning French from nuns and also at the local high school.
 She returned to France (Dijon) in 1991 for a year as a delegate-oversea-student from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.
 She graduated the following year majoring in French. During her stay in France, she loved to visit museums and old castles.
 She was especially impressed with the antique tapestries. big and small, hanging quietly but magestically on the walls of old castles.


 Since marrying and having children, she has been reading a lot of children's books to her own children.  
 Kyoko believes children's books offer so much creativity and imagination which was very inspiring for her. She recalls that
 she was a girl who loved to spend time imagining and making stories of her own just looking at the sky or even lying on the grass
 under the shade of a big tree, listening to the breeze go by. She began illustration by making a monthly illustrated newspaper of her
 family which was favorably received by her relatives and friends in Japan and overseas.


 She started painting in her early thirties which is rather late as a painter. It all happened by studying art at
 Kodansha Famous School (KFS) which was completely a new challenge for her. KFS was once part of Famous Artists
 School (FAS) which was founded by illustrator Albert Dorme with other top artists in the States such as Norman Rockwell,
 Steven Dohanos, Ben Stahl, Robert Heindel and others.

 Kyoko has won several awards in Illustration Art Contests and Illustration of Children's Book Contests. She is also listed in
 an illustrator's book called Illustock, published by Kodansha every year, which is a portfolio of more than 300 Japanese illustrators.


 In 2005, she moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, with her family where she took several workshops at Hollander's School of
 Book and Paper Arts. Although she was already making miniature books on her own, thanks to the classes and all the people
 that she met at Hollander's, she was inspired to combine the technique of bookbinding with her miniature books and illustrations.

Kyoko now lives with her husband and three children in Japan.

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Diploma of a kindergarten in Japan.
  (The picture was drawn by Kyoko.)


 Kyoko with Tom & Cindy Hollander, Julia Miller,
 Hedi Kyle, Jean Buescher Bartlett, Barbara Brown,
 Cathleen Baker, Yumiko Harris, Jo Ann Ward,
 and so on.










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